To know:

  • During the walks, participants are accompanied by qualified staff, Mid-Mountain Guides or Mountain Guides in order with insurance coverage and current regulations.

  • A Mid-Mountain Guide is a professional figure who is qualified by law to guide people walking along hiking trails, where the use of specific techniques and a hiking equipment is not required, and he describes the features of the landscape.

  • A Mountain Guide is a professional figure who is qualified by law to guide people in hiking, climbing on rock, ice or snow and wherever the use of hiking equipment and techniques is required.

  • The price set to join the walk corresponds to the Guide’s professional service.

  • Transport, meal and any other costs are at the expense of the participants.

  • During some activities, participants can hire technical equipment which they must give back at the end of the walk. If the equipment is damaged, the Guide reserves the right to charge for repair or replacement.

  • You need to enroll until 12.00 of the day before the walk on info@hikingcomolake.com or call us (see Who we are section)

  • In case of bad weather the Guide can modify or cancel the program.


Some rules for the partecipants:

  • The participant must notify us about any particular health condition which can be unsuitable for hiking activities.

  • He should consider his own level of training in relation to the length and the height difference of the walk.

  • During the hiking activity he must behave with caution and care and follow the Guide’s recommendations.

  • During the walks, participants must comply with all the rules set by the Guide who has the right to change the program if necessary.

  • During the hiking activities, the staff is entitled to consider the physical and technical suitability of the participants and make decisions about the hiking activity itself.

  • The Guide is not liable for any damage caused by an inappropriate behavior of the participants during the hiking activity.

  • Participants must own a suitable sports equipment.

  • If someone doesn’t have a suitable equipment ( hiking shoes, sportswear, beverages and food), the Guide is entitled to prevent him from joining the walks.

We always suggest:

  • Backpack

  • Hiking shoes with a specific sole like Vibrum or similar.

  • Rain jacket and windbreaker.

  • Sportswear which is suitable for the altitude and the season.

  •  Extra underwear.

  • Gloves, sun hat, woollen cap, sunglasses, suntan cream, lipstick.

  • Beverage (1 litre), some energy bars for emergencies.